Credits and Acknowledgements

John Pat would like to thank some very important People

We obviously extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Family of James Bradley and wish to express our most sincere sympathy for his untimely and unfortunate departure from this world. He was a good friend and the main driver behind this website so it is doubly sad that he did not live to see his vision realised. James passing is a great sadness to all of us. His release from his own personal difficulties and troubles is one small light in an otherwise terrible loss to anyone fortunate enought to have known him. As a mark of respect we have tired to complete his work on this website by uploading the files we found on his desktop. James will be missed but not forgotten by his many admirers and friends. This is the only page on which James has not directly written the commentary but he already had it prepared and ready to be populated before his sad demise, such was the editor and man, who cared so much for poetry.

We need to thank several people who have encouraged both John Pat and James, they have asked that they not be explicitly included by name but merely acknowledged in some small manner. So thanks, Michael, Eamonn, Conor, Christian and Alex.

Friends of Digitalvitalism

Links of Interest

In recent Years John Pat and James amassed some resources. Most of these deal with digital litertaure or digital poetry, here are just a few.