Selected Early Works

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I interviewed John about his poems and how and where he made them. If you would like some context on these poems, visit the poetry discussion transcripts and learn a little bit about their making.

Early Works:

John Pat claims he became a poet "unknown to himself". He confesses that his development as an individual into what is called 'poet' was never a planned or deliberate thing. He has often confided that "He fell into it, and couldn't find a way out, only through myself and my poetry." Over the last two years I have grown to know this humble man as a poet, a unique poetic figure in my own life. John Pat has written various forms of poetry over the last fifty years and it was an extremely difficult task for me as his editor to select examples of his work while also, by necessity, omitting others.

In this section we present just five of John Pat's Early works to you. (and maybe just a couple of others squeezed in here and there) The other areas of this website contains many more examples of his more mature work. We did have long discussions regarding what were the correct choices to make, since this is one of the first times this work has been offered to the public.

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John Pat on Achill