Selected Later Works

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Visit the poetry discussion transcripts in the interview section, you will find some more information on the background to these works.

Later Works

John Pat's involvement with machines and poetry eventually led to the amalgamation of the two. In 1973 he wrote a poem using building materials, almost twenty five years later, he revisited and re-wrote that poem using one of the first word processing programs. When media authoring software became available to general consumers, John Pat was, what is now commonly called, an early adopter of that technology. John Pat set about making poetry solely from within computers sometime in the mid-nineties. These works he calls born digital.

With the advent of the web, John Pat set about learning to code. Having mastered HTML, John Pat also began learning other software programs. His current list of proficiencies could put some computer science or media studies graduates to shame. In this section we offer a number of John Pat's works from recent years that use those mid-career techniques he has developed.

On the menu on the left of this page you will five pieces of John's work. The Sonnet Sequence, which he created using only HTML, we have reproduced it on this website, trying to stay as faithful to the original as we could. Any deficenices you may find or discover are my responsiblity.

John Pat