Recent works: Selected Video Poems

John Pat began using video back in the days of VHS and Betamax. In the last number of years he has turned his attention to digital video, digital video editing and textual kinetic visual expression. AWavE is one of John Pat's first spiritual videopoems. His deliberate combination of upper and lower case letters to constitute the title word containing the multiple meanings of AWE and av (audio visual) with the concept of a wave of revelation, is something he explored further in his cAMEltext.Net works. The first poem called "AWavE" is a visual testament to his embrace of both spiritual poetry and digital technology. Please use headphones or speakers to enjoy these works to their fullest, a full screen option is available by clicking on the arrow/cross icon on the bottom right of each video. (the escape 'ESC' button exits or minimizes full screen.)

John Pat has taken to creating several Video Poems. Here we present another "Sea Shale and law".
Feel free to check the acknowledgements section for futher information on the music used in both these works.