Later Works: The Untimely Death of a Narrativist

As John Pat explains in his interviews his early perplexing encounters with poetry, while working in England, led him upon his return to Achill, to experiment with various recognised forms of poetry. In the transcripts you can read where John Pat speaks about his encounters with the works of Wordsworth and others, and the influence reading sonnets had upon him. The impact was in respect of a growing understanding of poetry as writing or making that could adhere to certain formats or styles. John Pat set about trying to understand, and later personally extend, his grasp of the sonnet form. The result he said was a shoebox full of "scissored sonnets" that owed more to learning and experiment than any kind of achievement or knowledge. John provided us with fifteen sonnets from his shoebox of sonnets and we are delighted to include them here as he directed, as a sonnet sequence containing hypertext links. John Pat has vowed to provide another set (or sequence) that he says extends and compliments the current sequence as presented, we look forward to updating the website with that content in due course. Below find the title sonnet which leads to a further fourteen in this sonnet sequence.

The Untimely Death of a Narrativist

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